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Dream big and achieve

Josy Nghipandua a law graduate, poet, public speaker who dreams big and does not let anyone or anything come between here and achieving her goals.

Josy Ndilimeke Nghipandua is a poet, public speaker, business orator, law graduate, producer and presenter and she believes in her individuality therefore there are no limits to who she is and who she can become.

Josy says that the thought of death motivates her because of the fact that it can happen at any given moment and that she will not see it coming. “This forces me to constantly take myself seriously, to work until I pass out from exhaustion, to be dignified and full of integrity at all times,” she emphasises.
The proudest moment in her life was the day she received her Baccalareus Juris from the University of Namibia. “Education played a major role in me not falling off the wagon and becoming a loose canon, but I knew since I was first year that I never wanted to become a lawyer, therefore I proved to myself that I could still excel in something that I did not like,” she said.
She advices Namibian women and girls to make a mark in people’s lives by virtue of their special talent. “Look after yourself well, there are to many temptations and if you get to a point where you feel you need to sell your soul or body to get ahead then stop, it will never be worth it.”
She says women should love themselves, stand their ground and learn and absorb from those better than you as much as you can. “I am in control of my destiny and the universe has aligned itself accordingly, and obstacles are a mere excuse we create to pardon our laziness and inability to persevere,” she adds.
She says she has a plan and it will take her a while, but by the time she leaves this earth, generations and generations will marvel in her name. She always tells herself that what her mind conceives and her heart believes, she can always achieve. Another special moment she cherishes in her life is when she came first place in the National ATKV Redenaars Kompetisie, in 2008, this was special because her grade 11 teacher told her she should not take Afrikaans as a first language.
“I knew I had a point to prove and I did it,” she says. She has also won most Charismatic speaker award at the 2008 African Schools Debating Championship, Best Junior 2006 and Best Senior 2007 orator at the Bank Windhoek business Orators Competition, Silver medalist at the African Human Rights Moot Court Competition, 2012 and a Bank Windhoek Viertjie Award for her contribution to culture in Namibia.

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