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MVA’s safe homes for wheelchair bound clients

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA)has modified 12 houses over the past year for their seriously injured clients, in order to enhance their sense of independence as well as create an accessible and a safe environment.

The modified homes allow for free and safe mobility in and around their homes while using a wheelchair. The cost of the modification to date according to the fund is N$415,511.
These modifications focus on key living areas used on a daily basis and include bathrooms, bedrooms, toilets and other living spaces of importance to the customer. Modifications include, widening of doorways, installation of wheelchair ramps and landings, railings alongside ramps to aid stability, replacement of bath tubs with roll in showers, basins lifted to heights suitable to clients’ needs and interlocks laid in the yard to provide firm and durable surface for comfortable mobility.
Customers with disability who are using wheelchairs as a result of road crashes and who at the time of their crash, owned a house or had been living permanently with family qualify for house modifications, while work is in progress to provide pre-fabricated houses for other qualifying customers.
Said MVA, the house modification project for wheelchair bound fund clients is not limited to just the Windhoek, but in other towns and rural areas.
According to statistics collated by the MVA Fund Call Centre, a total of 24 persons sustained spinal cord injuries emanating from road crashes during 2014. The MVA Fund calls upon road users to observe the rules of the road, and to become responsible road users.

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