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TransNamib stands by board chair

Dr. Pieter Oosthuizen

In a strongly-worded statement released this week, TransNamib condemned media reports which accused its Board Chairperson Dr. Pieter Oosthuizen of faking his qualifications.

It was recently alleged that Oosthuizen had faked his PhD qualification.
“TransNamib wishes to inform the public that the local press, through various sectors of the community, has carried false information about the legitimate qualifications of its Board Chairman, Dr. Pieter Oosthuizen. The investigation and subsequent unfounded media reports have, in the process, damaged the character and public image of Dr. Oosthuizen and caused much distress to his family by implying that he does not have a legitimate PhD qualification,” said TransNamib spokesperson, Struggle Ihuhua.
According to Ihuhua, the media reports have irreparably tarnished the reputation of Oosthuizen. Added Ihuhua “While TransNamib accepts the clearance of Dr. Oosthuizen as pronounced by the Anti-Corruption Commission; this does not undo the defamation of character. The TransNamib Board Chairman, the entire Board of Directors and its leadership team suffered as a result. It is unfortunate that a local law firm representing a suspended employee tarnished the good reputation of innocent people who only seek to make a contribution to the growth and prosperity of Namibia.”

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