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Kunene All Stars hammered at FNB tourney

Members of Global United Stars and Kunene All Stars battle it out for Earth Hour

The FNB Global United Climate Kick ended off on a high note for the international visitors when they beat the Kunene All Stars on home ground 10-0 last weekend.

The game kicked off at 17h30 and within the first four minutes Gert Brusselers of the Netherlands scored the first goal. This was quickly followed by another goal from Petar Rnkovic of Norway in the sixth minute and thereafter more goals were netted rapidly in the 10th, 12th and 30th minute.
After half time the trend continued with five more goals from Geerts Brusselers, who scored twice while Delron Buckley of South Africa scored three times. Peta Rnkovic scored five times altogether for the team.
The victory, however, was marred by the fact that Lothar Sippel of FNB Global United was seriously injured and had to be taken to hospital.
“Our thoughts are with him and we wish him a speedy and full recovery,” said Dixon Norval, Head of Strategic Marketing and Communications at FNB Namibia.
Norval added that while the game was always a highlight on the FNB Global United calendar, it was not about winning or losing. “Much more important, were the spectators who really supported us and their local heroes and the environmental messages we have been able to impart during our two day visit in Outjo.
“The only long term loser will be our environment if we do not make a concerted effort to look after it – all of us together.
“Using football as a platform, we were able to create a much better understanding of everyone’s role in protecting our environment. For us, the environment was therefore the real winner.”
The FNB Global United Climate Kick 2015 added a lot of value, both in the Etosha National Park and in Outjo.
“We talked to scholars about using resources wisely.
“We planted trees at schools and in Okaukeujo and once again came to appreciate the beauty of Namibia and the great urgency in ensuring that everything including our animals are preserved for future generations.”

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