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NCCI to better SMEs

The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), in an effort to improve the operations of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Namibia will roll out its Enterprise Development Program (EDP).

The program is designed to help SMEs with capacity building through training and mentorship as well as assist SMEs with market development for their products.
EDP will be implemented in NCCI branches and in various local authority areas, targeting the development of small and medium enterprises with a view to make a meaningful impact on the diversification of economic activities and employment creation efforts.
Speaking at a one day workshop with various stakeholders to discuss the program, Chief Executive Officer of the NCCI, Tarah Shaanika said that greater efforts need to be made in terms of both policy reforms and development of programs which facilitate and support the growth of small and medium enterprises so that faster growth and diversification can be realized in that critical sector.
“Of great concern has been the ‘business infant mortality’ rate which we as the NCCI think is very high. It should be improved so that more and more start-ups succeed to become competitive and profitable in the long term. We therefore developed the ED Program as an enabling vehicle for stimulating growth within this critical sector of our economy and to ensure that we bring down the business infant mortality rate. We also envisage through our ED Program to contribute towards a more vibrant, competitive and growing SME sector in our economy,” he said.

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