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Chinese diplomacy in pictures

Priceless moments: (L to R) Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shunkang, Madam Kovambo Katjimune Nujoma, founding president Sam Nujoma and other government ministers, Chinese business people and members of the diplomatic corps going through the photo exhibition at the Chinese embassy. (Photograph by Musa Carter)

The Chinese Embassy in Namibia hosted a reception and photo exhibition on Wednesday in Windhoek to celebrate 25 years of China Namibia diplomatic relations.

The event held at the Chinese Embassy was hosted by Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Xin Shunkang and was attended by founding president Sam Nujoma, government ministers, Chinese business people and members of the diplomatic corps. Said Shunkang, “China Namibia friendship was forged during the years of the Namibian people’s glorious struggle for independence. Our friendship has strode over radical changes of international situations and become a model of south-south cooperation, with continuous deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation and people-to-people exchanges.”
In an effort to express their sincere gratitude for their long-standing support, Shunkang said, “my embassy put together some wonderful moments and co-hosts a photographic exhibition with the National Museum of Namibia and the Xinhua News Agency in Windhoek, to commemorate those great achievements”.
“Following the opening ceremony, we will continue the exhibition at the Independence Memorial Museum on the 4th floor, from 30 March,” he added.
He said, “for the same purpose, the Embassy will also host a Chinese Film Week, associated with Sky Theatre in Maerua Mall, on 10 April and a table tennis tournament on 18 April. We hope our friends, especially the media could participate in these functions and show through your lens and reports, the great achievements of our friendship.” Meanwhile China Namibia economic trade cooperation has developed very fast over the 25 years with trade volumes reaching US$863 million in 2014, 16.78% more than that of 2013. Added Shunkang, “We are satisfied with our relations. Looking into the future, we are fully confident on the prospects of our cooperation.”

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