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Renewable energy project in pipeline

A concentrated solar power plant in South Africa.

Plans to build a concentrated solar plant project, driven by state-owned enterprise Namibia Power Corporation and the Ministry of Mines and Energy and partially funded by the United Nations Development Programme appears to be taking shape.

The idea to built a concentrated solar plant was first mooted in 2012. A NamPower official said that various studies are being undertaken to identify a suitable site for the construction of the 50 megawatt concentrated solar power plant by the Renewable Energy and Efficient Institute. Back in 2012, more then 40 sites were identified for the plant construction of the power station. According the official, five sites were identified, four of which are in the Karas Region which included Ausnek near Aus, Kokerboom near Keetmanshoop, the Hochland area near the South African border and Gerus near Otjiwarongo. Quoting CSP Today, NamPower Generation Projects, Margaret Mutschler said in an interview, “It is common knowledge that the concentrated solar power technology is still expensive on the basis of a cost-at-plant-gate comparison. However, Namibia is optimistic that the solar power technology brings good value and if compared at a value addition to the supply mix and grid stability it might be highly competitive.” In November 2014, Omburu Sun received funding from the development of Namibia’s first solar power project. The 4.5 megawatt plant will be situated in Omaruru and NamPower is the off-taker for energy. The solar power project, earlier approved by the Cabinet and partially funded by the United Nations Development Programme, has the objective to increase the share of renewable-energy resources in the Namibian energy mix by developing the necessary technological structure and environment for the successful transmission and deployment of a power project for on-grid power generation CSP Today reported.

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