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Never give up

Representing women across: Ms Kapena Tjombonde, Chief Corporate Affairs, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA).

Ms Kapena Tjombonde, Chief Corporate Affairs, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) is an iron lady in her own realm.

A graduate from the University of Namibia (UNAM), with a nursing diploma, holder of a Master’s Degree in Law and Business from Bucerius Law School,Germany, an LLB from the University of South Africa, a Diploma in Company Direction from the Graduate Institute of Management and Technology in South Africa, attributes all this success and motivation to the previous chief executive officer at MVA who supported her through the journey.
She says the role of Chief Corporate Affairs encompasses advocacy for the Fund’s role through strategic communication, stakeholder management, public education, injury prevention and corporate social investment.
“Primarily I draw inspiration from God and my mother, who is my rock, a caring and hard working woman and my three energetic sons who are at various developmental phases,” she says.
She says life is about creating and seizing opportunities and capitalising on them. She also says that to capitalise on an opportunity, discipline will also help to make the best of the chances you get.
“My absolute focus in will power, preparedness to learn new things and anticipation with a certain level of flexibility inspires me,” she says. Kapena says that people need to rise beyond the purported stereotypes and not to be discouraged by failure as failure helps you to do it better the second and third time. “Remain focused and poised,” she adds. She really hopes that Namibia will be an accident free nation one day. “It is disheartening to, on a daily basis, observe loss of precious life by a preventable occurrence,” empathises Kapena. In her closing remarks she says,“to stumble is not to fall.”

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