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A stinky silver jubilee

I have long since believed that chivalry is dead, well all across the world it is, and in Namibia it seems it never even touched our shores.

One never prays to get slapped with the reality that Namibia has got some very mean and cruel men, its always been something that I have debated about with so many of my female friends, some who have even said God will surprise you and give you a Namibian man to marry. Now more than ever I am convinced that there is no chance here on earth, in hell nor heaven that I will consider becoming a Namibian man’s wife.
It so happened that I got on a cab from Maerua Mall to my place which sometimes can feel like its on the other side of the world. I did not want to have to wait to long for a cab to take me home, so I decided that I would pay more than the stipulated cab fare so that I arrive at the safe confines of my apartment.
Leading up to my street the taxi driver asked me where exactly he should drop me off, however to him my response was like I had insulted him and his family lineage. In a calm tone I complained about having to pay more than I should and not getting value for my money.
Instead of compassion and understanding all I got was a temper tantrum with the driver yelling at me and saying just how it was not his business that I had to be dropped off at my gate and that he only drove on gravel roads at night as he made gestures for me to give him his N$30.
I was exhausted and just wanted to be on my bed so I paid, got out of his car and called for him to open the boot so I would get my belongings, he came at me like he wanted to hit me, hurling insults and saying just how he would show me what he was capable of.
He then opened his boot and flung my milk carton, and plastic bags which contained perishable food stuffs. In shock I picked up my plastic bags, my now disfigured milk carton and walked home with the sound of laughter from a group of men who happened to be watching the incident as my escort.
I am not sure what caused me to breakdown, between the laughter of the men who stood by and watched me get attacked and the barbaric taxi driver but I broke down and cried and had not one but two anxiety attacks that night, which led to a sickness that has literally left me without a voice. Its been a week and still I have no voice except for the one telling you on paper that most of the men in this country need to change their attitudes towards women.
Why they did not confront the man or try to help me is besides me, where I come from men don’t allow women to be treated the way I was treated and look on like its some soap opera show on television.
Well its probably because of the ‘victim blaming syndrome’ suffered by most of the men in this country, again I am not bashing all Namibian men but it is such responses that make us as women feel that we have no voice when it come to gender based violence
Men and women alike need to stand up and speak up against this barbaric behaviour, we need to acknowledge these matters (mine seems like such a small matter but could one day escalate) and also realize the role we have as patriotic Namibians to play in making women feel safe, secure and heard in the land of the brave.
Tell me when it kicks in the day you decide to prove even your own people that you have at least an ounce of remorse, compassion, and kindness in you., be nice to people, honestly just try
Rules and laws are meant to bring order to any society, please adhere to all the laws, be kind for once in your life and prove all of us out here thinking that chivalry never hit the shores of Namibia. With much love I wish you all a happy Independence day and a peaceful weekend ahead.

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