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Live to Celebrate

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and its partners launched a new awareness and prevention campaign this week to prepare for the glut in traffic anticipated during the Independence celebrations, and over the Easter weekend.

For the first time, the road safety campaign will mobilise the resources of the Ministry of Justice with access to Magistrates’ Courts so that offenders can be apprehended and tried immediately. The National Road Safety Council, the MVA Fund, the Roads Authority, the Namibian Police Force, the City Police of Windhoek and the Ministries of Defence and Works and Transport will be conducting various joint operations to promote responsible and safe behaviour over the next two weeks along the B1, B2 and B6 routes. “As independence and Easter celebrations draw closer, the partners launched the Independence and Easter Road Safety campaign themed “Live to Celebrate” to encourage safe driver behaviour during these holidays and thus ensure all road users enjoy the holiday period in a safe and responsible manner” the MVA Fund said announcing the campaign. The campaign will be rolled out on the three main routes checking vehicles, drivers and passengers for speeding, overloading, roadworthiness, alcohol consumption and visibility. Emergency medical services will be stationed at designated checkpoints for fast response. Speeding offenders will be summonsed on the spot, and locked up for excessive speeding. Alcohol consumption will be checked at so-called booze buses with a doctor on board.

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