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Talking is a gift for young broadcaster

Adolf Kaure is a motivated young men who wants to inspire the youth.

The station manager designate at UNAM Radio is advising young people to stay motivate and never to give up regardless of what life may throw in their paths.

Adolf Kaure, a final year Bachelor of Arts student in Media Studies at the University of Namibia, is very grateful for the opportunity that he has had to continue studying but at a different institution. His appreciation stems from the fact that he believes very few young people get a decent chance to get ahead in life and even fewer get a second chance. After he dropped out from the Polytechnic, his luck eventually turned and he got accepted at UNAM for Media Studies. His hobby is singing and he was privileged to travel with the UNAM choir to Cape Town and perform with the University of Cape Town Choir. For him this proved to be a very inspiring tour.
“I am inspired by hardworking people who put in a lot of effort in perfecting their talent. People who have positive attitudes do not give up even though things are looking bad. I am also inspired by my parents who motivated me to always respect authority and to do things the right way,” he said.
Come 01 April, he becomes the station manager at UNAM Radio but he still advices young people to focus on education to better their future and to be true to who they are by remembering their background and roots. He is a born-again Christian and he faces a lot of ridicule form people because of the lifestyle he has chosen to live. He stresses the importance of prayer and “to forgive because love covers a multitude of transgressions.”
“For now I am planning to complete my degree and graduate, to do my Master’s degree in Literature and God willing, to write poetry and publish books,” he said.
He also wants to help the youth cope with the problems they are facing every day like peer pressure and bullying.
“If the youth are empowered early on , Namibia will have a bright future,” said Adolf. He concluded by advising the youth to never give up and if you do not succeed, try and try again.

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