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St George’s grade 7 off to canyon safari

Safari Den buyer Gordon Kennedy (right), helping Jeremy Nambahu to adjust his backpack for his Fish River hike.

Preparing for their annual Fish River Canyon hike, the grade 7 learners from St George’s Diocesan school went to Agra’s Safari Den for professional outdoors advice.

Safari Den arranged a special “Master the Canyon” promotion for this group of keen hikers, accompanied by their parents and guiding teachers. All the items the hikers would need to rough it in the wild expanse of the Fish River, were offered by Safari Den at discount prices.
The knowledgeable staff at Safari Den then entertained the group on a gear demo in the store, afterwards giving the hikers the opportunity to browse around after hours and shop for what they need.
Evan Strydom, himself an experienced hiker, equipped the prospective hikers with important information and tips on how to prepare. Learners and their parents learned that there is a difference between what you need, what you want and what you can afford and that fitness and good preparation are the most important ‘must-haves’ for a good hike.
Strydom told them what to look for when picking a backpack and hiking boots since these two items can make or break a hike. The learners and their guides were advised to get these items now to ensure that they are worn-in when they tackle the Fish River Canyon in June this year.

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