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Monster barbel roam Avis water

monster-baber-03mar12Windhoek resident, Hanjo Zimny found it hard to believe his own eyes when this 1.3 metre monster catfish (picture) poked its head above the water, attached to the end of his fishing line. Hanjo and his friends are regular anglers at Avis Dam on Windhoek’s eastern fringe where they often spend weekends targeting Large Mouth Bass and Banded Bream. Last weekend they caught five decent bass during the course of Saturday afternoon. Just when they were about to pack up for the day, Hanjo reeled in his hook only to find this catfish had swallowed the bait. Their catch is always released, adding to their own enjoyment of their past-time. Avis Dam is a pond compared to Goreangab. A fish expert said if Avis can yield this size catfish, imagine what must be lurking in Goreangab where treated waste water is dumped into the dam. Catfish thrive on waste.

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