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Accelerating XT students from 386 to 486

From left, Vernon Eichab; Fred-Charles Pieterse; Johannes Andreas; Ronald Cloete; Hosea Nambele; Tiago de Sousa are all successful former XT students who now work for Dimension Data.

The six best candidates from a list of 34 matriculants with a keen interest in Information Technology, will join Dimension Data’s XT Student programme for extensive training over the next two years.
Upon successful completion of this programme that was developed in-house by Dimension Data, some students will be employed at the company itself, while others will find employment as IT professionals, based on their XT qualification.

Dimension Data Namibia, in which the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies holds a 49% shareholding, has developed the XT programme for promising individuals to participate in an internship programme over a 24-month period.  Christian Mücke, Human Resources Manager at Dimension Data Namibia said “We are proud to say that 34 young Namibian students have been short-listed of which 6 successful candidates will be selected to complete the 24 month programme. Requirements included being between the ages of 18 and 21 in January 2015 with a HIGCSE or IGCSE qualification preferably with Mathematics as a subject as well as having a keen interest in the Information and Communication Technology field.”
Mücke said the programme objective is to provide students the opportunity to be trained and developed according to best practices. This objective has been met by selecting candidates with the required personal traits and competencies, training them within a Microsoft or Cisco framework and giving them exposure to a world class working environment.  “As a leading provider of information and telecommunication services within Namibia and a Namibian-managed IT company, we recognize the fact that the development of young talent to fill positions within the IT sector is critical to the sustainability of the ICT industry and of our company” he said.
The first phase of the program will run for 6 months to introduce the candidates to computer, network and server fundamentals. After the first semester the candidates sit for an A+, N+, Server+ and Windows 8 Certification. During the remaining months students will complete the Server Certification, Desktop Certification and/or Network Certification Path. Successful candidates will also be exposed to large corporate operational IT environments that include data centres, networking and end-user equipment.
The XT students receive a monthly allowance and all training costs are covered by Dimension Data Namibia.

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