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Research interns for NGIL

The Namibian German Institute for Logistics (NGIL) has appointed two new interns from the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) in its research department.
Mr. Unore Karutjaiva is a CILT Diploma graduate and first year Business Administration student and Miss Helvi Hangula a third year Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain student.

The Institute prides itself on being a centre of the Polytechnic that concentrates on education to stimulate research that furthers the field of logistics and transportation in the country. Appointing two new interns is evidence of this and will strengthen the centre’s reputation.
The students will work on several projects during their internship at the NGIL. They will assist with data collection and analysis on three different research projects. These projects should produce a paper co-authored by them both within the next 6 months. This will give them the experience to write a solo paper as a means to promote research among undergraduates at the Polytechnic. “I am looking forward to being part of the team and to be assisting with vital research in an exciting environment like the logistics field,”said Hangula. Added Karutjaiva, “it is difficult to find an internship where you actually learn something, this opportunity provides us with a real chance to learn vital skills before we enter the workforce.” NGIL hosts workshops, lectures and does a great deal of research in the field of logistics in Namibia and in the SADC-Region, ensuring there is a new generation of academically schooled professionals ready to enter the transport and logistics sector that is vital for Namibia and its economy. Logan Fransman, looking after research at the Institute said; “We are not just giving these interns an internship, we are giving them the opportunity to be part of a fast and dynamic sector that offers plenty of opportunities for those with the drive and the passion to succeed in this field.”

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