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Goodness also spreads to Tsumeb

Soon to be First Lady, Mrs Monica Geingos, expressing her support at the launce of TOV’s Sustainability Project and Adopt a Child Campaign, at the end of February. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).

A Tsumeb community-based organisation, TOV, started a new Sustainability Project for residents of Tsumeb, and an Adopt a Child Campaign, to support vulnerable children. Both projects were launched at the end of February by the Managing Director of Stimulus, and First Lady in Waiting, Monica Geingos at a function in Windhoek.

The name TOV comes from the Hebrew word meaning good, pleasant, beautiful, excellent, economical benefit, wisdom and moral goodness.
TOV ‘s Patron Mrs Kauna Ndilula said the organisation was established in 2001 in response to the growing number of children who have become orphaned or vulnerable after losing their parents to HIV/AIDS. “Previously children were looked after by their extended family, however family members have found it difficult to cope with the added financial and emotional burden of looking after more children,” said Ndilula.
She stated that TOV has graduated 500 children from their preschool facility and one of their highlights is the ability to serve meals consistently to these children. “Some of the children have gone on to finish their respective schooling careers and have begun to impact their communities in different spheres,” she added. Mrs Geingos said that there may be inequality of opportunities, therefore it is imperative to help in any way they can. “It does not mean just to give money, it can even be your time, but everyone should do their part,” she said adding that she believes to really make a difference, rather help a stranger than a family member. “If you help a family member you would expect something in return, but helping a stranger is totally different because you will not be paid back,” she said. TOV is of the opinion that N$300 per month is sufficient to support a child and provide that child with an opportunity to receive an education amongst other matters. TOV also has a Horticulture Sustainability Project that serves as their bid to become a completely self-sustaining organisation. The garden they operate spans 10 hectares of which 8 hectares are presently cultivated producing watermelons, carrots sweet potatoes, pumpkins and beetroot.

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