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Bold caterer cooks up a storm

Karina Twahafa has managed to successfully start up a catering company with a clientele that keeps her business profitable and lately, high-profiled.

Karina Twahafa proves that ambition is not defined by age. Being in business as a serious caterer for a little over two years, she already claims an impressive list of clients, many for whom she has done major functions.
Twahafa Catering landed its first big job in 2013. Up to that point, hers was only a small company but already with a large reputation. Then she was awarded the catering contract for the for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in 2013. This proved to be a major point and the rest is history.

“People always used to underestimate me because of my age, But I let my profile and menu’s speak for themselves.”  Karina said that it was full steam ahead after receiving a lot of references and satisfied clients which she still caters for up to this day.
She fondly recalls how she started out selling braaivleis and serving potjie at Wanahenda bus stop and on weekends at a local watering hole, Monaco Lounge.
“There I saw how more and more people started to know about my business and praised my food. I took the leap of faith and joined the catering industry.”
She employed her mother as her first employee. Today she has five permanent staff members and recruits up to 20 people on contract for specific events.
Karina is undeterred by the constant inflation in food prices saying that her success has lead her to have a different approach to life. “It has grown me a lot as a young girl. I am able to be independent. I have grown so much as a women and mother.” She named her business after her son, Twahafa.
She has hopes of opening up a culinary school offering cooking and catering courses.
“Our focus is more on providing quality service and value for money. Making sure that my meals are remembered after any given event is part of my winning formula” Karina said adding that the food industry is competitive and building a positive and firm reputation is vital. wShe urged entrepreneurs, especially women to reach for their business goals. “Be persistent, focus and always have a positive mindset by building a firm foundation for yourself first.” She said she surrounds herself with people that aim for excellence and business know-how to strengthen her faith.

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