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Aussie Eyes on Africa

Storm over the Okavango Delta is one of the paintings that artist Ineke van den Hout will be exhibiting at the Omba Gallery from 3 March till 29 March 2015. The full collection of paintings on exhibition is called Eyes on Africa.

Ineke van den Hout, a South Australian artist will exhibit her visual diary of her adventures, experiences and impressions from 3 March till 29 March 2015, at the Omba Gallery. The collection is based on her six-month journey through Eastern Africa.
“Eyes on Africa” includes watercolours, sketches, diaries and paintings of her journey. She said she creates to make sense of the world around her. “It is through the process of being creative that I come to understand my experiences with different cultures, countries and customs,” she said adding that she does not profess to understand or know Africa at all and as a traveller she is aware that she only sees the surfaces of places and people.

Ineke started her journey on 4 July 2014. She travelled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Botswana. Exactly six months after she started her journey, she arrived in Namibia on 4 January 2015. She is attending an artist residency during her stay in Windhoek as part of the Namibia Australia Artist Exchange Programme. This programme was initiated in 2013 by the Namibian Art South-South Trust with the support of the National Arts Council of Namibia and the South Australian Port Augusta Cultural Centre, Yarta Purtli, and the Nexu Multicultural Arts Centre in Adelaide. Her local residency is supported by the Art South-South Trust, Yarta and private Namibian donors.
Ineke owns the Red Heart Art Studio in Port Augusta, South Australia. She believes, as does Marcel Duchamp, that the creative process is always more important than the end product. “The people I meet are the subjects and the objects of my exhibition”, she said. Her attitude towards her work as a process served her well, as the artist lost a significant amount of work she produced during her journey! Welcome to Africa.

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