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Changing attitudes one dance at a time

The Goethe Centre was host this week to this delightful bunch when the dance troupe of the Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) announced their itinerary for this year. The OYO Troupe consists of ten dancers who come from all the regions of Namibia. In front from left to right are the ladies Jessica, Devine, Butterfly and Michelle with the guys at the back, Rodney, Monray, Anderson, Levi, Lowrenzo and Osy. They staged an impromptu show for the joy of the audience with their pieces ‘don’t leave me’ and Magda. The first deals with gender violence and the second tackles the delicate issue of same-sex rape. Both pieces are dramatic and very emotional, captivating the audience every step of the way. This year the OYO Troupe will focus on gays and lesbians, a very sensitive subject indeed.

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