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Funds for the rhino

Mr Fritz Schenk, Initiator of the Palmwag Concession Anti-Poaching Initiative receiving a cheque of N$100 000 from Mr Gideon Shilongo, Director Group Corporate Relations, O&L Group of Companies. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni)

O&L Group of Companies handed over a cheque of N$100,000 to the Palmwag Concession Anti-Poaching Initiative at the Hospitality Association of Namibia’s (HAN) offices, on 10 February. They donated the money at HAN’s Awards Gala last year where a total of N$360,000 was raised towards the protection of Rhinos in Namibia
Mr Gideon Shilongo, Director Group Corporate Relations, O&L Group of Companies said that Namibians should stand together to fight poaching in the country and that they are doing their part to conserve the wildlife of the country.

Mr Fritz Schenk, initiator of the Palmwag Concession Anti-Poaching Initiative said that N$89 000 was donated after the gala dinner by other individuals and companies. He added that the anti-poaching operations started in December and that since then the money donated has helped them immensely. They have hired a helicopter to get air view and they have approximately 15-18 rangers on the ground at any given time. Since the operations started, only one cow and calf have been poached. Even though this is sad it is a vast improvement from the past, he said. Mr Schenk said they will carry on with their efforts with the help of all their stakeholders to keep the Rhinos of Namibia safe and to bring poaching to zero in Namibia.
Gitta Paetzold, Chief Executive Officer, HAN also handed over 70 metal water bottles, earmarked for the anti-poaching team and game wardens at Palmwag, sponsored by Bannerman. The total aim is to raise N$500 000 to protect the rhinos in the Kunene Region, and this money is needed to control the area by air, vehicle and by rangers on foot.
The fund raising account is, Palmwag Concession, Bank Windhoek, Swakipmund, Namibia, Branch code 481772, Acc No 8003630010 and for further information you may call 0811242468.

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