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Boerewors and burgers in the Shoebox

From the left, Gerhardt Kauami, Meatco’s Manager: Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness; James Kalundu, Manager: Community Development; Monica Imanga from Home of Good Hope; Griffith Uahindua, representing the MeatMa brand; Emilie Kaheke from Greenwell Matongo Soup Kitchen; Joshua Amukugo, the City of Windhoek’s Manager: Corporate Communication, Marketing, Tourism and Customer care; and Ouma Sanna Snyder who cares for 17 grandchildren dumped on her by her own children. On the wall are the words “Take Responsibility.”

The Shoebox charity campaign run by the City of Windhoek received a welcome donation of meat products at the end of January from Meatco, under its brand MeatMa. The statutory meat marketer said it sees this donation as a means of ploughing back into the community and strengthening its partnership with the City of Windhoek.

The boxes of boerewors and hamburger patties were handed over by Griffith Uahindua, a MeatMa sales rep. Elaborating on the quality of these processed meat products and the value it brings to the recipients, Meatco said MeatMa is a completae range of quality meat products, produced by Meatco, for the enjoyment of everyone, at an affordable price.
These products are generally sold at the MeatMa retail shop which was opened in August last year in Windhoek. MeatMa first contributed to the City of Windhoek New Year’s Eve celebrations. However, this event did not require the full allocated quota, so Meatco decided to make available a fresh consignment of meats for another event. This was then given to the Shoebox project.
Meatco said the aim of the sponsorship is to build partnerships with MeatMa clients, in this case the City of Windhoek. It also helps introducing MeatMa products to consumers. “At Meatco, we see  Corporate Social Responsibility as a way in which our values, corporate culture and operations come together. Supporting the communities that are important to our clients, and which in turn are prospective MeatMa customers, is one way of doing that.” The donation went to Home of Good Hope, Greenwell Soup Kitchen and Sanna Snyder.

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