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Copper cable bandits strike again

It seems like it is now the order of the day for Telecom Namibia copper cables to be stolen as the recent spree of crime continues, with Wanaheda and Soweto being their latest victims.
Criminals struck again in Wanaheda and Soweto, pulling out copper cables and plunging those parts of Windhoek into despair for the fourth time in a month.

Telephones and internet links to homes and businesses were cut when thieves cut and stole replacement cables installed after the earlier attacks, causing thousands of dollars of damage.
Crooks cut two 800 pair cables and two 300 pair cables from the underground network in Claudius Kandovazu and Penning streets respectively.
At least 800 customers in Soweto, Golgota, Dolam and Wanaheda were left without a telecommunication service, including all businesses operating in the vicinity of Penning Street.
The incident is the fourth since 12 January 2015 when thieves cut and carried away 800 pair, 300 pair and 200 pair main cables in the Wanaheda area, leaving the suburbs of Golgota, Dolam and part of Soweto without a service.
Said Telecom, “on our part, we are doing all we can to get all the services restored as quickly as possible. The replacement will be a time consuming affair. It may take 3-4 days more and by weekend we will come out clean with the cable laying work and resumption of service.”
Anyone with information about the latest thefts in Claudius Kandovazu and Penning streets should call the City Police, or report the crime to the nearest Police Station or call Telecom Namibia Hotline at 0800 301630 or 061 301630, anonymously.
Telecom Namibia offers cash rewards of up to N$20,000 for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of any person or persons responsible for committing crimes of vandalism or theft.

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