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Electronics giant merges its divisions

Electronics giant, Samsung Electronics South Africa, has merged three of its divisions, namely: home appliances (HA), residential air-conditioning (RAC) and system air-conditioning (SAC) which will now be known as Digital Appliances.

This new business unit will deliver targeted and dynamic innovations to the South African and Namibian market. Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics SA, Michael McKechnie said, “the consolidation of these three business divisions will ensure that we deliver an enhanced level of service and an array of solutions for our customers. It will allow us to provide richer experiences for the home and office of the future and shift even closer to our existing and active target markets.” HA, RAC and SAC will each have an individual product manager to identify new channels to market and make each product offering more accessible and efficient. These three divisions demonstrated strong performance in 2014 and this amalgamation will blend their strengths to continue to drive market share and further expansion. “We are building on the success we experienced in 2014 with this new, streamlined business unit,” said McKechnie. “There are a number of targeted product developments and initiatives planned, making 2015 an exciting time for us at Samsung. I’m looking forward to the new challenges that it will present, as well as the opportunity to improve processes and really ensure superb customer involvement.”This year is set to bring something special to the table in the home appliances arena, with the Dual Cook Oven, Sparkling Fridge and Ecobubble product ranges. The focus for this area is on the digital trend to move to the connected home. Samsung is gearing up to provide various technologies that can tap into the connected life and the Internet of Things. Further, consumers will also be in for a treat with new Virtual Flame induction cooking technology, a robot vacuum cleaner and the impressive WaterWall technology built into Samsung’s state-of-the-art dishwasher range.
Meanwhile the RAC and SAC arena will see the arrival of a cost-effective entry level range of room air-conditioners and the continuation of the successful DVMS (Digital Variable Multi System) selection of commercial air-conditioners.

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