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Art Talk to include the media

Left to right, Naita Hishoono, Shishani Vranckx, Kirsten Wechslberger, Tanya Ströh, Sheena Swarts, Nicolas Ronde and Ernst Herma from the ARTNam members.

The Media & Us (us being the artists) an initiative by Art Talk, will take place on 10 February 2015 at the FNCC at 18:00. The idea is for artists to engage in a discourse with the media, that is radio, television, newspaper and IT platform, to better understand each other’s positions.

The Media & Us is an attempt to nurture the symbiosis that exists and a part of the aspiration is to raise awareness for the need within the media to improve on critical and substantiated cultural reporting. Therefore representatives of the media and media stakeholders will be given an opportunity to present policies related to their cultural and entertainment sections, if available, or to share their editorial, commercial and organisational aspirations as well as constrains with the artists during the discussions. Art Talk is a platform and initiative by the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) to get those who carry art matters close at heart to become more involved in the dissemination of information about art and the arts. It is about sharing experiences, voicing different opinions, but also finding common ground. Essentially it is about developing agendas for the advancement of the arts in Namibia across the arts disciplines. ARTNam is a voluntary organisation founded recently with the aim to improve exposure of arts as a discipline and to enhance the status of the individual artist. ARTNam approached the FNCC with the proposal to tackle, at the first Art Talk a subject matter that is important to all artist whose income is derived from selling their work.

Artists from across all disciplines are encouraged to participate as are members of the public, who have an interest in the subject matter. For further information contact Ernst Herma from ARTNam, at 0811223709 or email him at [email protected]

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