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Lok Kandjengo’s bright colours light up the arts gallery

Vivid images in domestic settings are the signature of upcoming young Namibian artist, Lok Kandjengo. His first solo exhibition at the National Arts Gallery opened this week.

Promising young artist, Lok Kandjengo, opened his first solo exhibition this week at the National Arts Gallery in Windhoek. The exhibition runs until the end of February. The exhibition which is titled ‘Multifarious’ is a milestone in the career of the young artist, as it is his first solo exhibition to be hung at the National Arts Gallery of Namibia. 

Kandjengo was born in the small village called Okaku in the North in 1988 and grew up in a self-employed family. “I believe that from a very young age, my mom’s work has exposed me to the world of art as I used to help her when she was designing and making her cultural and traditional outfits,”  After completing high school, Kandjengo spent three years at the John Mwafangeyo Art Centre, where he gained a certificate in Visual Art.  “I studied life drawing, printing, ceramics and textiles.”  Thereafter Kandjengo was accepted for the three year diploma at the College of Arts where he graduated in 2011 with an Applied Arts diploma, specialising in Cardboard Print in his third year.  Today, Kandjengo describes himself as a self-employed freelance artist. ‘Multifarious’ is an exhibition made up of cardboard prints and paintings.  Kandjengo said the exhibition was inspired by the different faces and perspectives of the past. “The subject matter in my work is very nostalgic; I went back in time to draw my inspiration.”  Kandjengo credits Namibian greats such as John Muafangejo and Joseph Madisia as having influenced his style. “The print making technique that I use is more or less the same as Muafangejo and Madisia, however I work with more colour. I can use up to 20 colours on one print.” Lok Kandjengo’s Multifarious’ exhibition opened on Thursday, 5 February in the Main Gallery of the National Arts Gallery. The exhibition runs until Saturday, 28 February 2015.

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