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Saving on banking fees says FNB

Garth Kleintjes, Chief Information Officer at FNB

FNB Namibia has, over the past years, educated Namibians about self-service banking on a regular basis. “Not only is this much easier and quicker, it is also cheaper to transact on,” says Garth Kleintjes, Chief Information Officer at FNB. The bank has, on numerous occasions, advised the public to try and not go into banks for tasks that can also be performed on ATM’s or via digital banking channels as this would save a lot of time.

“Not only is this an inconvenience to the customers as they inevitably have to travel to a branch which means time and extra money and most probably waiting in a queue to be served, but the charges associated with physically being assisted within a bank for services such as withdrawals, deposits, statements and the like are definitely more than using the digital platforms available,” adds Kleintjes. “And with our self service banking products we wish to make our customers’ banking experience short, easy and affordable.” Kleintjes went on to say that customers need not worry about safety as banks have sophisticated safety measures in place to ensure that their money is safe irrespective of whether your bank is using a banking app, cellphone banking or online banking. “Leave technophobia 2014 and enjoy the convenience of your bank’s digital banking platforms.” “Making use of self service banking is more affordable and allows you the convenience of banking from virtually anywhere,” concluded Kleintjes.

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