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MTC sets the record straight

Mobile operator MTC remains adamant it has done no wrong in its pursuit of a data charging policy introduced on 12 December 2014 despite the cries by its customers. Following its introduction on 12 December smart phone users were not happy when they were charged N$2 for 10 megabytes of data daily.
Claiming that it is following international best practices, MTC is not backing down on its data charging policy and has momentarily withdrawn the campaign, adding that it was willing to work hand in hand with regulator Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN).

Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer also advised that MTC have not transgressed any provisions of the Communications Act.
Ekandjo came in defence of MTC and siad, “MTC has noted that there was still a sense of discomfort and lack of understanding with this new model, and have therefore decided to suspend the promotion for now. We have also observed that majority of our customers have voluntarily remained on the promotion, meaning they have not opted out.”
He added, “we will therefore go back to the drawing board to revise and re-engage the Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia to come up with a better understanding model to accommodate those customers who appreciated the model.”
Noting customers concerns’ regarding the data promotion, MTC remained steadfast in its belief that the data promotion was introduced in the best interest of the customers considering that the evolution of the smartphone era has brought about a high demand for data usage exponentially Ekandjo explained.

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