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NACOMA and NADEET recycle

Caty Shemuvalula (left), Communications and Branding officer of the Namibian Coastal Management Project (NACOMA), and project coordinator, Rod Braby, are chuffed to show NACOMA’s membership certificate as a new member of the Recycle Namibia Forum.

The Recycle Namibia Forum this week welcomed three new associate members to its growing list of companies and organisations that are taking recycling to the commercial level. The Namibian Coastal Management Project (NACOMA), the Namibia Desert Environmental and Education Trust (NADEET), and the Green Building Council of Namibia all joined the recycling lobby to promote its recycling activities.
Recycle Forum coordinator, Anita Witt said “over the last few months the Forum embarked on a drive to start networking and building relationships with environmental organizations.

The idea behind this is that in joining forces, creating awareness for our environment and implementing the three R’s of Re-using, Reducing and Recycling is done on a more extensive level.”  Witt argued that working together presents opportunities to share expertise and knowledge. As far as the youth is concerned, collaboration creates new opportunities such as the implementation of green schemes in schools. Coupled to the wide exposure through the Forum’s school recycling competition, Witt said “In conjunction with the Namibian Environmental Wildlife Society and Just Environmental Development Service Namibia, the Forum has now established a strong foothold within the environmental community while endeavouring to strengthen the educational role we wish to play in the community.”
She added that other new members include associate member Hotel Zum Kaiser that supports Forum in kind by providing accommodation twice a year when its members have to visit the coast. Trans World Cargo’s E-Waste division in Windhoek was also welcomed as a full member. “The Forum is further strengthening its relationship with the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) to become more involved and active in environmental issues and campaigns in the country. During 2015 we wish to collect data and compile statistics on the recycling activities across Namibia, and here the assistance of all stakeholders – whatever form of recycling they are involved in, is needed to collect and forward information to the Forum office,” Witt said.

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