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Water treatment plant launched

Handing over a token of the successfully completed project to the Elisenheim Housing Development representative. (From left to right) Leonhard Eins, project director of ASE, with Rika Hendrikz of the Elisenheim Development Project and Chris Stöck, managing director of ASE. (Photograph contributed)Aqua Services & Engineering (ASE) and Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies launched a newly constructed sewage water treatment plant of the first phase of the Elisenheim Housing Development outside Windhoek last week.
The ASE trickling filter waste water system will provide the Elisenheim Housing Development with final effluent that can be reused for gardening or greening requirements for the development.
“It would be good for all other neighbours to this river system to follow the Elisenheim Development example, as the final effluent might end up again in the Swakoppoort dam, which is one of the feeders of the drinkable water supply of Windhoek,” explained Chris Stöck, managing director of ASE.
The design of the water treatment plant also caters for the future expansion of the Elisenheim Housing Development.
The biological treatment plant design is based on new generation trickling filter media. It consists of primary anaerobic treatment and settling and secondary aerobic treatment followed by secondary settling and disinfection.
The system also allows for denitrification and phosphate removal. In order to comply with future waste water regulations a final polishing treatment is included, which consists of sand filtration followed by activated carbon absorption.
“At ASE and Veolia, we are committed to provide environmental sustainable solutions, which we see as our responsibility as Namibians. Through these initiatives the quality of water is enhanced and it makes the initial drop goes so much further,” said Stöck.
Aqua Services & Engineering (ASE) was established in 1993 as a company supporting the local water treatment industry. This mainly includes the supply of turnkey water and waste water treatment installations, water treatment equipment (components), chemicals and a fully-fledged instrumentation section.
Over the past years, ASE has successfully completed numerous projects which includes small projects such as a 5m³/h potable water treatment plant for Noordoewer, but also larger projects such as the supply of mechanical equipment and the erection of the 156 Ml/d Von Bach water treatment plant outside Okahandja.
Aqua Services & Engineering merged with VWS Envig, the South African subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technology in November 2008.

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