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University of London visit Windhoek for MBA open day

Eben de Klerk of ISG Risk Services.On 3 November local Business School of Excellence hosted an open day for the MBA Programme presented by the University of London (UoL) International Programmes. Addressing guests were Dr Tangjie Ward from the UoL and local businessman and legal expert, Eben de Klerk of ISG Risk Services.
Dr Ward addressed the important topic of doing business in China and opportunities offered in this regard. De Klerk highlighted the importance of obtaining a tertiary degree in the Namibian economy and the resultant employment opportunities that become available for graduates.
Dr Ward holds a PhD in Business and Management. She is the head of institutions: global development, global networks and communities for the University of London International programmes division and is responsible for developing and building relationships with government organisations and education institutions globally.
Students who enrol for the MBA can attend plenary sessions with the University of London’s Royal Holloway lecturers in London. A very important element of the programme is the locally presented evening classes and facilitation of classes that is offered by experienced and qualified university-approved Namibian lecturers.
Students can also write their bi-annual exams in Windhoek and this locally presented aspect of the programme enables students to study close to home without having to afford flights and accommodation expenses to London to receive tutoring. The programme provides online support from the Royal Holloway lecturers and is internationally accepted and accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

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