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Believe in yourself!!

Mathilda Riruako, Lifeline/Childline’s Uitani radio programme producer is here to make a difference.

Paving the way for young women, DJ Mathilda (Princess M) Riruako this week advised young Namibians to always surround themselves with good and strong support. Mathilda Riruaka was born into royalty, but she decided for herself that she would not let that get to her head. Instead, she opted early in her life rather to work hard for what she wants. While persuing her diploma in radio broadcasting and producing, Princess M started working for NBC radio as an intern.

They liked her so much that she worked there for five years until she decided to expand her horizon by going to Energy 100. She said, at Energy she experienced the buzz of a commercial radio station. At 28 years old Princess M shows maturity that is beyond her age, which in part may be because she now works for Lifeline/Childline’s Uitani radio programme where she is more of a mentor and a guide to the young radio Djs, helping them to tell their stories. “You need to do you, and look after yourself first and make sure you are good, before you can make a positive impact in life,” said Princess M. “This is how you attract positive energy” she added. She also entreated all Namibian women to value themselves, “because happy, appreciated and loved woman, make a happy Nation.” “Women need to give each other a helping hand and direct each other to reach greater heights” she said. Because she is also a sports fan, this year she will be presenting a sports show on NBC, where she will be talking to women in sport. “Women in Namibia also need to know that they can make a career out of sport. I want to show this nation the sports women that they have, and to appreciate them,” she said. She concluded philosophically saying that even in sad moments, there is always a light that shines and that people should not give up “even if you may be in the worst situation that you have ever faced.”

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