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Take a break to take the lead

“Learn to have more fun at work. Laugh more and chill out. At FNB this is not difficult. We are a great team and a preferred employer” said the bank’s Wellness Coordinator, Juanita Slinger.

Back to Business is the reality of every new year but Juanita Slinger, First National Bank’s Wellness Coordinator, last week said “loving your job is not supposed to be a ‘rare-to-find-nice-to-have’. It is an essential element of your overall wellbeing,” adding that the onus rests with each individual to contribute to a pleasant work environment. Slinger elaborated “it is very difficult to invest in a career that you do not love. Work-related things such as extra training, certifications and conferences will just be seen as a burden.

We will also lack fulfillment if we spend our time doing something other than what we love to do. We shall always have a feeling that we are missing out on something.” While conceding that no job is perfect and every employment has its downside, she stressed however that it is vitally important to get through the day and all challenges with a smile.  Citing her checklist to stay motivated, she said “Focus on the benefit of having a job and how it contributes to your current lifestyle. A positive attitude will make the day more pleasant and productive.” “Delegate wherever appropriate. Remember to delegate and share the work, where necessary. Always remember the ‘3D’ rule regarding paper work: do it, dump it or delegate it. Never handle a piece of paper twice,” she added. She said it is important to appreciate your colleagues. “Always express and show others that you appreciate their help and support. Be genuine in complimenting others on their successes.”
And as the coup de grace, she advised, “have regular breaks. Get away from your workstation, even if only for five minutes. Go on annual leave when your leave is due.”

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