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NABIRM set to start 2D seismic survey

Privately-held corporation, NABIRM Energy Services, said it is proposing to undertake a 2D seismic survey in the offshore portion of Licence Block 2113A in the Walvis Basin in the Atlantic Ocean, relatively close to the shore. In response to questions from the Ec

onomist, Chief Executive Officer of NABIRM, Olayinka Arowolo said, “ the purpose of this survey is to investigate the subsea geology to determine [the morphology] for the presence of oil and gas prospects.” “The proposed survey would cover approximately 1050 km in length comprising a number of low density spaced survey lines. Water depth in the proposed survey area ranges between approximately 50 m and 150 m and the distance from shore ranges between 10 km and 50 km,” he added.The company has appointed CCA Environmental to investigate the baseline environmental conditions in the proposed survey area and to assess the potential impact of the proposed seismic survey and present the findings in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Arowolo said, “the Seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation and the development of an independent competent persons report is estimated to conclude in approximately 6 months.” “Currently a Background Information Document (BID) with preliminary project detail has been compiled and made available for a public and authority review and comment period from 7 to 21 January 2015. All comments received on the BID will be collated and responded to in the EIA. For inclusion in the EIA comments must reach CCA Environmental no later than 21 January 2015” he said.

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