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Hotel management accused of discrimination

 Angry, fed-up and disgruntled employees of Kalahari Sands and Casino are up in arms over unfair labour practices taking place at the hotel in Windhoek. They are accusing management of unfair labour practices, including discrimination and nepotism amongst others. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)More than 50 disgruntled employees of Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino are up in arms over unfair labour practices taking place at the hotel. They staged a demonstration to condemn the practices in Windhoek, this week.
The employees are accusing hotel management of allowing racial discrimination, nepotism and unfair treatment amongst others.
The employees further claimed that the general manager, Rudie Putter, is not friendly towards black employees.
According to a petition read by Ndamona Nangwenya, spokesperson of the disgruntled employees, “preferential treatment does exist in the form of race. One race is treated in a holier than thou fashion at the expense of others.”
The striking employees are calling upon hotel directors to lodge an investigation into the conduct of  management.
“The employees are facing hardships under your leadership as they are being threatened with disciplinary action and retrenchment on a daily basis. The issue of dual citizenship must be investigated and we condemn it because this is what makes some of these executives act the way they act,” the workers’ petition read.
The workers are requesting for the removal of the hotel’s general manager, Rudie Rupett.
Also at the centre of allegations is the human resource manager and financial manager, Karen Loubser, accused of nepotism and mismanagement.
“The general manager and human resources manager must be removed from the office with immediate effect because of the discrimination they are practising in this unit,” added Nangwenya.
In the meantime, the striking employees have threatened industrial action if the three managers do not leave. They demand a response within seven days.
The petition was handed over to Putter.
The hotel’s operations were not affected during the one-hour strike on Wednesday, 7 March.

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