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Following the new LCC group’s plans of rapid expansion in 2015, it will launch its second affiliate in Namibia and will continue to grow its original affiliate in Zimbabwe as revealed on Wednesday via an aviation website, had announced last year in October that a joint venture in Namibia would become the second of several planned affiliates throughout Africa.
The group initially set a launch date for 2 February 2015 for Namibia, which began selling tickets on the Windhoek Johannesburg route on 21 October 2014.
The launch has since been pushed back to 2 March 2015 but the airline is optimistic it will not encounter any further delays and has also begun selling two other routes, Windhoek Cape Town and Johannesburg Lusaka.
The low cost airline is currently selling flights on Johannesburg Lusaka from 9 March 2015 and Windhoek Cape Town from 16 March 2015.
The Windhoek Johannesburg route will initially be served with one daily flight, increasing to two daily flights on 9 March 2015 with one of the flights continuing onto Lusaka in Zambia.
The Windhoek Cape Town route will initially be served with one daily flight. will be the first LCC operating between South Africa and Namibia. Namibia is the second largest African market from South Africa with about 14,000 weekly seats. Zimbabwe is the largest African market from South Africa and had about 16,000 weekly seats prior to’s entrance.
As was the case with South Africa-Zimbabwe, will be the first LCC operating between South Africa and Namibia.
SAA is by far the largest airline in the South Africa-Namibia market with about a 58% share of total seats.
Air Namibia has about a 26% share while British Airways/Comair accounts for the remaining 16%, according to CAPA and OAG data.
SAA operates four South Africa-Namibia routes, Johannesburg-Windhoek, Johannesburg-Walvis Bay, Cape Town-Windhoek and Cape Town-Walvis Bay, while Comair only operates between Johannesburg and Windhoek.
Air Namibia serves Johannesburg-Windhoek and Cape Town-Windhoek. Namibia should be able to stimulate demand on the main Windhoek to Johannesburg and Cape Town routes. It is currently offering one-way fares excluding taxes of R699 (USD60) on Cape Town-Windhoek and of R799 (USD69) on Johannesburg-Windhoek.

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