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Seidler conquers Jetty Mile again

Enter the mighty Atlantic: Close to 250 swimmers lined the route from the Tiger Reef Beach Bar to the Mole to participate in the annual Pupkewitz Jetty Mile

Around 250 swimmers as well as close on a thousand spectators lined the route from the Tiger Reef Beach Bar to the Mole to participate in the annual Pupkewitz Jetty Mile that was held on 27 December.
Philip Seidler (16) 2013 winner and favourite for the 2014 event again showed how he could use his surfer knowledge to his benefit  While many behind this local swimmer were being tumbled around in the big swell, he glided to a first place finish.  Seidler won the race in 20:03, beating his 2013 record of 24:22.  


Seidler said, “As a surfer and Namibian swimmer, the Jetty Mile is always a highlight for me. This year was a good challenge to compete in bigger swell and was great fun to test my wave knowledge. The exciting aspect of an open-water swim in the ocean is that we swimmers need to keep in mind that we always compete against unexpected elements of nature.
This makes every race unique. Thanks OTB Sport for a well organized event and Pupkewitz for sponsoring generously.  Also all the voluntary helpers that assisted with water safety to make Pupkewitz Jetty Mile 2014 a very memorable and successful event”.
The 16 years and under age category dominated the male event with, Nicolai Flemming and Alexander Skinner taking second and third place respectively. First female out the water was 16 year old Sonja Adelaar in 22:24, she was followed by Molina Smalley in 23:03 and Toni Roth in 23:25, while first male in the Sprint was BF Burger in 9:27.  
Heleni Stergiadis was winner of the female Sprint in 9:51. Seidler, 2013 winner. is at home in the ocean and was hoping for big swell.  Another favourite Nicolai Flemming said before the race “I am looking forward to the Jetty Mile as this is always a highlight in my annual calendar.
I came second last year, so this is my big goal for this year, although Phillip Seidler, a good friend, is always difficult to beat”. Favorite in the female race Molly Smalley said, “I swam the full Jetty Mile for the first time last year and enjoyed it tremendously.
I am very excited and can’t wait to swim it again! I love open water swimming, especially the Namibian events. I’m currently schooling in the UK so I missed the Pointbreak race in spring, which was rather sad. Although I took part in the Ecover Blue Mile race in Plymouth in September, it wasn’t quite the same.
Now I’m home for the holidays and the Jetty Mile will definitely be the highlight of my break in Swakop. I’m looking forward to the race, it is always a challenge but a great fun at the same time!”.
Organisers of the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile Event, Otb Sport, said, “Mr. Harold Pupkewitz who passed away in April 2012 was a great inspiration for the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile.
The Pupkewitz Jetty Mile is part of Mr. Pupkewitz’s legacy, and Otb Sport is grateful for the continued support of the Pupkewitz Foundation and of Meryl Barry, Mr. Pupkewitz’s daughter.
The Pupkewitz group has supported this swimming competition since its inception eight years ago.

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