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The heart wants what it wants

Dillish Mathews, winner of Big Brother Africa 2013 The Chase. The charming lady is said to be engaged to businessman Stephen Gaeseb.

Following revelation that businessman Stephen Gaeseb had posted a picture of Dillish Mathews on Instagram with the words“Second finger from the left” and an image of a ring, Dillish has moved on to add fuel to the fire by posting a picture of her and Stephen together on her Facebook page. The Big Brother Africa 2013 ‘The Chase’ winner, Dillish Mathews’ posted picture was captioned, “Boom Clap! Power couple is in the building.” However, a few hours later the post was taken down and replaced with a post quoting lyrics from Selena Gomez‘s song about Justin Bieber called ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants‘. Dillish’s words in the post were, “The future that we hold is so unclear, but I guess the heart wants what it wants.” Effort to get a comment from Dillish proved fruitless as her mobile phone went unanswered on several occasions.

However, a local daily last week reported that Stephen had said that he and Big Brother Africa 2013 winner Dillish Mathews “will be married one day”. The couple had been together for several years and during Dillish’s appearance in Big Brother Season 8, she had remained faithful to him and bragged about their relationship on live TV. The Namibian model and entrepreneur and her boyfriend Stephen broke up on the eve of Valentine’s Day this year after being together for about five years. Gossip had it that the break-up was allegedly caused by Stephen fathering another woman’s child. Stephen however denied rumours that he had impregnated another woman and that this was the reason they had broken up. “I never impregnated anyone and those were just rumours from people’s speculation, saying what they thought was happening.” Stephen confirmed that the couple was back together even though he said they had never parted ways.

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