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Promoting community sports

Community sports rewarded: African stars being handed their cash prize. Photograph by !Kung Traditional Authority.

The first edition of the Chief John Arnold Annual Sports Festival hosted by the !Kung Traditional Authority in honour of the late Chief’s inspiration was held last weekend in the Tsumkwe constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region. Under the premise of empowering the youth through sport, 600 youths from the constituency took part in the two day sport festival with six participating teams.

Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture Minister, Jerry Ekando said in his address encouraged youth to participate in sport and staying away from social ills. He encouraged the teams to develop women sport such as netball in their communities. Ekandjo promised that the his ministry will ensure that rural sport is supported. The Ndeulipula Hamutumwa Trust and other partners sponsored the prizes in cash and in kind. The winning soccer and netball team received floating trophies and cash prizes. African Stars “Starlite” won 2-1 against Young Star, with Grasshoek taking third place. Netball champions of Omatako Valley also named Young Star retained their title. According to Lot Ndamanomhata, Chairperson of Local Organizing Committee, the aim of the annual festival is to promote unity, diversity and friendship amongst the different communities within the constituency .

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