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2012 fistball league set to start

Patrick Schiep, a player from the German Fistball Bundesliga, hitting a strong shot for SFC.After an off-season lasting close to four months, the Bank Windhoek Fistball Championship will kick off this Saturday, 10 March 2012, in Swakopmund. The first game start at 8:30 on the soccer field of the SFC Sport ground.
A team of the home club, SFC, is a welcome new addition to the line up in the Bank Windhoek National A league.
“We expect the team to be competitive but our main aim is to establish a presence in the country’s top league for the long run”, Jörg Goldbeck, assistant coach of the club and captain of the first team said.
During the first half of the season they will be assisted by Patrick Schiep, a player from the German Fistball Bundesliga, who is currently in Swakopmund as head coach. The favourites in the Bank Windhoek sponsored league are serial champions SKW 1. Christoph Kubirske, the national team captain, and his team had a good start to the season when they won the season’s first silverware at a tournament held three weeks ago. They can expect the toughest competition to come from SKW 2.
The B league will see five teams in action over the weekend. Defending champions Cohen FC will hope to start off their campaign with a couple of wins. They face tough opposition from the two teams of the SFC Sport Club.
After ending second and third on the log behind CFC for the past two seasons, the Swakopmund teams have much to prove. A team to watch is the DTS who are only participating in their second full season. They managed a respectable fifth place last season and showed a lot of potential, which bodes well for their new campaign for the Bank Windhoek championship.

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