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Oteya grown and back to her roots

Oteya, still sexy, still sassy, only grown up now.

Like fine wine that gets better with time, so has former Namibian RnB girlband Gal Level’s Daphne Willibard. The singer now known as Oteya is announcing to the world that she is free and that her time to shine has come with her first solo album titled ‘Ethimbo’ translated to ‘now is the time’.  Music lovers will be surprised by this album as it is packed with a more mature sound that is completely unexpected from the singer who is known for sexy dance moves from her days in Gal Level. However ,fans should not despair as she is still the same sassy and sexy Daphne that we have all grown to love, only this time she is on a whole new level and is setting an all-new benchmark for Namibian female artists. Everything about the album ‘Ethimbo’ screams love, growth and maturity.

The 10-track album released under the Ogopa Butterfly label features collaborations from Ugandan singer Ray Signature whom she features in her song Tungedeyo. It is sung in Oshiwambo and Swahili. On the track she speaks about a marriage proposal with Ray Signature where they tell a story of a man proposing to a woman and saying he will take her to his parents. She also worked with Nigerian singer Oga on the track ‘Judy’ as well as fellow stable mate Swartbaster on the track ‘Chiporoporo’, which is a funny, feel-good song that outlines the different expectations that men and women have about each other when they get into a relationship. Most of the songs on the album are feel-good dance songs that are a fusion of refreshing Afro-pop, pop and dance sounds that are sure to bring on a festive cheer from any listener. Music lovers first got a taste of her new sound in August this year when she released her single Ethimbo and then ‘Simoni’. On the latest album she talks about the many ups and downs of relationships, run-away fathers who live a posh life yet don’t take care of their children, and love in its manifold dimensions. Her songs celebrate love, its disappointments, and above all, the expectations of the lovers themselves. The talented singer wrote all the songs on the album. Ogopa Butterfly manager, Sula Kyababa said the stable is selling Oteya as a different brand all together. All tracks are in Oshiwambo with only three tracks having a mixture of English and Oshiwambo. Each song has a story to tell or advice to give. In the song is Simoni which is an open letter to all run-away fathers the singer sternly advises all the ‘Simonis’ to stop acting like sperm donors and be real fathers to their children. ‘Pata Pata’, the ninth song on the album is an excellent song that takes the listener back to the village where he or she will see herself around a fire surrounded by village huts, the clapping and stamping of feet as in the traditional way of dancing. My favourite tracks include Let it Burn (Sigo Sigo), Judy, Ethimbo, Pata Pata and Tungendeyo. Having listened to the whole album with its variety of sounds and profound lyrics, it is safe to say Oteya’s time has finally arrived, and indeed she has been set free.

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