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Rugby this weekend

Ya-sportsJohana-abWanderers and Western Suburbs will take each other on this Saturday, 10 March in what promises to be a friendly, but fiery match. The derby will become and annual event on the rugby calender and will be hosted by the two teams alternately. Dixon Norval: head of strategic marketing and communication at First National Bank, said that the bank is proud to support these two clubs and has thus renewed their three-year contract with both teams.  Norval said the bank is passionate about rugby and soccer as these sports bring people together. (From left to right) Chairperson of the Western Suburbs: Corrie Mensam, Captain of the FNB Wanderers: PJ Van Lill, head of Strategic marketing and Communication at FNB: Dixon Noval, Captain of the Western Suburbs: Darryl De Harde with the chairperson of the FNB Wanderers at the FNB Western Suburbs and Wanderers friendly match announcement. (Photograph by Johanna Absalom)

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