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New FNB HQ up for Green Star

The FNB Freedom Plaza is well on its way to be certified under the Green Star SA Office v1 Rating system, according to Gregory Rice, Sustainability Consultant at WSP Group Africa. Rice said that the Green Star Certification process consisted of 2 types of certifications namely Design, where systems and initiatives are recognised as “to be constructed” elements, and As-Built, where systems and initiatives are recognised for being “constructed” as part of the finished building.Louis Potgieter, COO of FNB Namibia said that currently FNB Freedom Plaza had reached the end of the Design Stage submission which meant that the bank expected results from their submission by the end of this year. “What is commendable about our project is that sustainability issues were entrenched right from the beginning of the project, which means we are able to draw from this and show our commitment to environmental responsibility within our Green Star submission,” he added.The location of the building will allow occupants to easily access nearby amenities, thereby reducing travel emissions associated with vehicular travel by occupants. The land on which FNB stands was previously a parking lot with very little ecological value.

By reusing this site, FNB has preserved ecologically valuable land elsewhere in Windhoek. Potgieter said many green aspects are evident in the morphology of the building. “Occupants will experience reduced discomfort as a result of glare from natural light as the glazing selection and the specification of internal blinds hinders this. The embodied energy associated with virgin steel has been reduced by specifying steel with a recycled content for use in the building. Preferential facilitation is provided for more fuel efficient vehicles for occupant commuting as well as provision of occupant and visitor cyclist facilities.”

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