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Film Review – Lucy

Director: Luc Besson
Screenplay:Luc Besson
Cast: Scarlett Johannson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi, Amr Waked
Genre: Thriller

So it has come to my attention that most movies involving scientists tend to be based on baseless theories if not useless ones. Many are the times that we have sat down in front of our television screens and sometimes paid to watch what I term as some of the worst-ever movies based on dull scientific theories. However I now look at such movies differently after watching Luc Bensson’s Lucy which is based on the theory that humans only access 10% of their cerebral capacity, which is why they just exist and are not able to perform certain tasks.
The film tells the story of Lucy an eccentric woman who accidentally gets caught up in a dark deal. She turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

She gets a briefcase chained to her wrist by her no-good boyfriend who later gets shot right in-front of her as she is dragged away by a group of Taiwanese men and ends up with a bleeding tummy after a bag of cell mutating resin is stuffed into her stomach. The resin eventually starts leaking into her system after a brutal attack by one of her kidnappers and she then becomes the hunter and the hunted, a powerful warrior with heightened senses of smell, sight, sound. Furthermore, she feels no pain, fear or desire. We see Lucy enlisting the help of Professor Norman (Freeman) who has been trying to prove the theory right. He is however unable to help her as she disintegrates after using 100% of her brain capacity.
Wow! is the first thing I said after watching this film. It had my heart pounding and brain working in overdrive so much, I felt my breath being taken away.
Please believe me when I say this: I am not by any means exaggerating, the movie is brilliant, everything about it screams brilliance. Heart pumping adrenaline gun fights, a car chase that will not only have you jumping off your chair but also wishing that you too could drive your car on two wheels.
The audience gets the chance to get into the mind of Lucy as she shares her thoughts with us, giving the film a much deeper meaning, leaving you thinking of a lot of things after the thrilling 90 minutes are over.
I don’t think the film would have been as good if the female lead role was given to someone else. Johansson is every bit the femme fatale she portrays, Johansson and Freeman draw you into the film, Morgan with his words and Johansson with her acting.
The additional cast is what I would call the icing on a very decadent cake as they too make the film interesting to watch.
I must say Bensson’s imagination is incredible. To develop a movie from a myth is not simple.
Sometimes the execution, acting and plot of a film don’t always go together but in Lucy everything is in sync from the dialogue to the scenes that require special effects.
For the first time I have so much to say about a film with such a short title. This is a must see for everyone. I enjoyed myself from start to finish.
The only bad thing I have to say about this film is that it was short, hence I am secretly praying for a sequel but until then, I have a feeling I will be re-watching Lucy, if not to get entertained but to boggle my curious mind again.

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