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FNB on mobile

Mobile Banking continues to surge in customer usage and customers therefore needed to make sure that they were aware of the safety measures that they needed to take to ensure they do not compromise their personal banking details, this according to Garth Kleintjes, Chief Information Officer at FNB Namibia. “During the festive season fraudsters are very active as they know some of us have more money, while others tend to be less vigilant and in a holiday mood,” said Kleintjes. FNB thus calls on all customers to be aware of the fraud mechanisms used by fraudsters’ to defraud customers. “The first step in the safekeeping of personal banking information is to ensure firstly that you have created a password for your mobile device and then having a separate password for mobile banking and other electronic profiles and not to disclose your Login PIN, User ID, Password or One Time Pin (OTP) to anyone. Clients should avoid using easily guessable passwords such as 1234 or 0000 etc, as criminals can easily bypass these and gain access to devices,” he said.

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